Ethical Responsibilities of the Nurse Leader

This week I learned a lot about Ethical dilemmas and the nurse leaders responsibilities during those dilemmas as well as what an Ethical Committee is and what it consists of. Before beginning this unit I wasn’t completely sure what an Ethical committee was or what the reasons were to have such committees. I learned that Ethical committees are there to help determine and make decisions on what the best course of action would be in an ethical dilemma. They are there to study each situation, research to see all points of view, and then come to a conclusion about what actions an employee, group of employees, company, or organization should take based off of morals and values. I learned that an Ethical committee consists of  usually 5 or more individuals such as healthcare workers like doctors, nurses, pharmacists, therapist, etc., religious leaders, someone not involved in healthcare who is involved in the community and can act as a third party, administrators, etc.  

Through this unit and the team work, my mind was opened to just how many ethical dilemmas or issues a nurse faces throughout her career. I also realized how many dilemmas I have already faced in just the short time of being a nurse such as contributing to the opioid crisis, vaccination compliance, and prolonging life through end of life care. These are just a few examples of the ethical dilemmas I have faced and I am sure that I will continue to face more.   Because of these dilemmas, it makes me feel truly blessing to have the support of an ethical committee and to work for an organization who provides one readily. I feel grateful because I realize that they are there to support the patient and employees and are there as backup during tough situations. 

Through the team work I also realized that most healthcare workers feel similar to being involved in ethical dilemmas. Nobody wants to encounter nor participate in them but I realized that everyone in healthcare just wants what is best for ourselves and our patients and there is a lot of support that comes from this. Remembering you are not alone in your job when facing dilemmas and you have a team to back you up is very reassuring. 

Taking what I learned from this unit, I will be more of a support to others facing/involved in ethical dilemmas and if I personally am involved in an ethical dilemma, I will not hesitate or procrastinate in getting others involved such as management and available committees. I will also continually remember the patient and make it a focus not to leave them out of the situation by basing my decisions off of them, their feelings, and their point of view throughout the entire process. 


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