Performance Appraisals & Problem Employees


So far in this semester, it has been very interesting as we are learning from the point of view of the employer or management which is something I am unfamiliar with. This week we discussed performance review and problem employees. I learned that the reason performance reviews/appraisals are used is to see how an employee is doing and its used as a report card, checkup, or measuring stick. It’s also a way to help employees improve their performance and get them to succeed. I also learned that the major key to employee appraisals is consistency. Consistency in frequency, performance measuring, and reviewing. Two things that I didn’t know before were that charge nurses are capable of doing performance reviews also that peer evaluations are for the reviewer to truly see who you are in the workplace because your peers know you best. One of the last parts of the employee appraisal section that we talked about was pay for performance which many companies and hospitals are moving towards. I think that this would be a great motivator to get employees to do more in the hospital I work at and is something I wouldn’t mind them pursuing.

Somethings that I learned about problem employees that I didn’t know before and found interesting was that discipline is not always a bad thing and can be a great motivator for change and to help employees succeed. Also that managers should not be the ones to do exit interviews. I thought this was particularly interesting as every exit interview I have ever had was performed by a manager.

Some things that I learned this week from the team activities is that it can be hard to come to a consensus or agreement on one thing when you have multiple opinions, ideas, and involved people. I experienced that when you have someone in your team who is not willing to hear other people’s remarks or points of view and is set on one idea than it can be hard to come to an agreement. I also noticed that the more passive people like myself will give in and agree with the more stubborn team members just to be done or because they do not want conflict. It can be frustrating and hurt the team as a whole.

Moving forward I will take what I learned and apply it to my own nursing practice in that I will make sure that in a team, every member is heard and has an opportunity to voice their opinions. I also think it is important as a nurse working in a team to see others points of view. This will allow me to broaden my own views and takes on things and I will be better able to adapt and learn. Learning about problem employees and talking about performance appraisals has been motivating in that I want to be the best employee possible and strive for higher achievements. I also hope to never be terminated so I will do what I can to make sure I don’t ever qualify for it.

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