Team Building & Organization

Some things that I learned this week was about team work and the importance that a team has in accomplishing goals and tasks. I learned that even if one member of the group is not cooperating that it can affect the entire group and make teamwork unsuccessful. I learned about the importance of leadership in teamwork, clear roles and team dynamics as well as the importance of effective communication skills. I also learned about job interviewing and gained perspective on the interviewers point of view. 

Some things I experienced from the team activities was that a team can only be successful if everyone is contributing and holding a role and responsibility. If someone is not following through or doing their part then it is no longer a team and success is hard. My opinion did not change because I know that everyone is different and has different strengths and weaknesses and unless everyone puts in 100% then success is difficult. It isn’t impossible but it is hard to be completely successful. 

Some of my personal feelings is that about team work is that communication is key. Our team struggled to get organized and find a meeting time because there was a complete lack of communication from some of the team members. This was frustrating and difficult. I also feel that it is important to be confident in your role and self when it comes to teamwork so that you can carry your part and work well with others. I did learn that if teamwork is positive and successful then it actually can be a way to build your confident and increase self-esteem. I also feel that trust is extremely important because if you do not trust the people in your team than having success in building each other and accomplishing goals is more difficult and it brings on tension. 

I will take what I learned and apply it to my nursing practice by trying to become of better communicator. I realized that communication is key to success in team work and whether it is a team of a nurse and patient or employee with employer, communication needs to be a focus so everyone is on the same page in achieving goals and expectations. I learned that great growth can come from effective teamwork so I will try to not always take the lead but let others. I will try to give my patients and coworkers a chance to show their leadership skills and find their dynamic within the team. I will also try to establish my own role early on. I will also try to be better at problem solving and trusting the help of others to do so. Nursing isn’t just a sole job but takes help from others to be successful. I will try to allow others to help me more as I like to do things on my own but I realize that that is not being part of a team. 


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