Hiring- Nursing Leadership

This week in Nursing Leadership, we focused on hiring from the leadership or employer point of view. This was very eye opening as I typically have only ever focused on the interviewee side of things. I learned a lot about what leadership looks for in an application and what makes an application stand out. I also learned about the interviewing process and the interviewers  responsibilities.

I learned about what is and is not allowed to be discussed or asked by the interviewer and some of the legal aspects of things.  This can be tricky because I think that the more that stands out in a positive way and the more you know about the interviewer, the better and more confident your decision will be in hiring that individual. This is why I learned it is so important to do your research about the interviewee, take your time, and don’t rush to hire because it is the best thing to hire smart. I also learned that leadership doesn’t have to hire if they don’t like any of the candidates because it’s better to wait for the right fit rather than to fill the position for need. This makes me ask the question if there are time frames and certain stipulation as too how picky leadership truly can be and I’m sure it varies from company to company. 

As a group this week we had to come up with interview questions and debate on a possible candidate to hire. It was educational to see others ideas of interview questions and their arguments and reasoning for which candidate to hire. 

Overall, it was very interesting and I learned a lot about what goes on behind the scenes of an interview and hiring process and what the expectations and responsibilities of leadership is in that situation. 

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