Purpose of this Reflective Journal

My name is Torina and I have been a nurse of a little over 5 years. Most of my career has been in Maternity, Newborn ICU, and Labor and Delivery. That is where my passion is. Helping new mothers and newborns. After graduating with my ASN in 2015, I took some time off of school to gain work experience and start a family. I came back to school a little over a year ago to finish my BSN. I will graduate this semester which I am very excited about. For my Leadership class I am required to have a reflective journal/blog where I will be posting my notes, learning, thoughts, and experiences during the course. This journal will help me reflect in the future of what I learned during my time in this course and also help me organize and thoughts during the course. This will be a great semester as I already feel motivated. 

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